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water slide 18H x 12W x 32L

Must be within 100' of power source

Customer must provWateride water source and hose to set up area

$310 wet/dry $270 + Delivery Fee + Sales Tax 7%


No Deposit is required.

3 ways to pay

(1) Cash accepted the day of delivery

(2) You may pay Credit Card the day of delivery (requires 3% processing fee)

(3) If you would like to pay with a personal check that check must be received 7 days before your event. Checks can be mailed to THE Party Hoppers 243 Yulan Drive Wilmington NC 28412. In the event of bad weather, your check will be refunded immediately.

18' Artic Ice Water Slide - IP (inflated pool)

  • Safety First!

    Children's safety depends on the presence of Adult Supervision while Inflatable Unit is in use.


    No more than 3 occupants at a time. 1st occupant climbs the slide, as 1st  occupant reaches the top a 2nd  occupant may start climbing. After the 1st  occupant exits the slide the 3rd  person may enter. ABSOLUTELY no gathering at the top of the slide. Failure to follow instructions regarding gathering at the top of the slide could cause the slide to tip over and result in injury.


    No head first sliding NO - Somersaults, Rough Housing, Flips, Shoes, Food, Drinks, Candy, Cupcakes, Sharp Objects, Gum or Pets. (Yes, I had to put pets on here because a video circulated of a dog coming down one of our slides. Their sharp nails can damage the liners or worse get caught and hurt the animal)


    USE OF BOOGIE BOARDS and or RAFTS IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN ON EQUIPMENT.  Absolute NO SILLY STRING. Silly string adheres to the material and cannot be removed causing irreparable damage to the equipment. Anyone who uses silly string on the equipment will pay a $250 fine.


    Please think ahead of time where you would like the unit to be set up. Please make sure that area is free of rocks, yard debris, and pet waste. While we want your even to be just like you want it, in some cases a yard may slope in a way that only allows set up to follow that grade. In those cases, we will point that out and the equipment will have to be set up in a manner that will keep the participants safe.


    Once the equipment has been staked down and we leave it cannot be moved by anyone else. This is for the explicit safety of the children.


    Once the unit has been unrolled it is no easy task to move it around. Some of these pieces weigh as much as 800 lbs. For the safety of our workers, they cannot be moved once the decision is made to put them in a certain location. Please take care in choosing where you would like the equipment to be set up because if you ask for it to be moved once it is already inflated there will be a charge to do that. If you request a return visit to move a piece of equipment, we cannot guarantee a return time and you will be charged a min of $50 - max of $100 plus any applicable delivery fee, per unit.

    If the inflatable unit begins to deflate, HAVE ALL OCCUPANTS TO EXIT THE UNIT QUICKLY AND CALMLY. Check the power cord connections. If motor has stopped make sure the outlet has no other appliances plugged in that would trip the breaker. Check the breaker. If motor continues to run, check for blockage of air-intake screen on side of motor. Also check tube on back of Inflatable Unit for snugness and tighten ties if necessary. If problems persist, shut down the unit and call 910-508-2379 or 910-617-4242.


    As always, we reserve the right to return early to pick up equipment in cases of inclement weather. (Although this very rarely happens, it is ultimately up to us to make decisions that protect the integrity of the equipment as well as safety of those using it.)

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